Access the values inserted into the custom fields


The commercial team created an extra field to be filled out when creating a proposal in Pipedrive, but we are unable to access the content of the field via the API.

We tried with the following options (both unsuccessful):{{MY_TOKEN}}{{MY_TOKEN}}

The instructions provided in the link Custom fields in integration also did not help us.

How can we access the values inserted into the custom fields?

Thank you.

Hi @Karen_F .

Please share API response code along with body you’re getting with your requests

Hello, we are able to receive the values from the original deal fields (square 1 in the image), but we need to receive the values entered in the custom fields too (square 2 in the image).

  id: number;
  creator_user_id: User;
  user_id: User;
  person_id: Person;
  org_id: Organization;
  stage_id: number;
  title: string;
  value: number;
  acv: null | number;
  mrr: null | number;
  arr: null | number;
  currency: string;
  add_time: string;
  update_time: string;
  stage_change_time: null | string;
  active: boolean;
  deleted: boolean;
  status: string;
  probability: null | number;
  next_activity_date: null | string;
  next_activity_time: null | string;
  next_activity_id: null | number;
  last_activity_id: null | number;
  last_activity_date: null | string;
  lost_reason: null | string;
  visible_to: string;
  close_time: null | string;
  pipeline_id: number;
  won_time: null | string;
  first_won_time: null | string;
  lost_time: null | string;
  products_count: number;
  files_count: number;
  notes_count: number;
  followers_count: number;
  email_messages_count: number;
  activities_count: number;
  done_activities_count: number;
  undone_activities_count: number;
  participants_count: number;
  expected_close_date: null | string;
  last_incoming_mail_time: null | string;
  last_outgoing_mail_time: null | string;
  label: null | string;
  local_won_date: null | string;
  local_lost_date: null | string;
  local_close_date: null | string;
  origin: string;
  origin_id: null | number;
  channel: null | string;
  channel_id: null | number;
  stage_order_nr: number;
  person_name: string;
  org_name: string;
  next_activity_subject: null | string;
  next_activity_type: null | string;
  next_activity_duration: null | number;
  next_activity_note: null | string;
  formatted_value: string;
  weighted_value: number;
  formatted_weighted_value: string;
  weighted_value_currency: string;
  rotten_time: string;
  acv_currency: null | string;
  mrr_currency: null | string;
  arr_currency: null | string;
  owner_name: string;
  cc_email: string;
  "0029029298adc4364982afd6ef694ba3096eeb30": null | string;
  "4f459ea3ef70c24ecdb437f66f776f79b35165d5": null | string;
  "90f177d170dac936146aa352addf7a00bee7eab8": null | string;
  "119f971ff1eae2c8bb6acccd0ea8d93acae20d5d": null | string;
  "ffb7dc44bb7225522a760557cd3c9320a7571578": null | string;
  "b81fe5468322bd31dc798cbe79546481f2c2126f": null | string;
  "16a182ba200fb107ba2270a9c997a5c49d4b9547": null | string;
  "9eca9d504194dd9814abecfdcc2c3c061007f6fe": string;
  "e3b4dd57f82d52a4cccb965b3fea3ebf9a453da9": null | string;
  "6251b4970c7d0ed2ce434ca6fb0028ba8884694b": null | string;
  "e3becf0af3274c7a8cb27cd376e2e513bfe121c8": null | string;
  "91ef42142bc948defc7d208dde86da138de2d630": null | string;
  "20533e0afbafd5a41490303ede319640cb0e51a9": string;
  "6f354f12df94611a8aa538c73c5119d0f3883327": null | string;
  "28cf3af19354412e547d7c0f75ac244e5385b11d": string;
  "a65a561b7b8ca106841b7cf7f966e09db135312a": string;
  org_hidden: boolean;
  person_hidden: boolean;
  average_time_to_won: AverageTimeToWon;
  average_stage_progress: number;
  age: Age;
  stay_in_pipeline_stages: StayInPipelineStages;
  last_activity: null | string;
  next_activity: null | string;

Thank you