Contact Form 7 and multiple PD accounts

Hi everyone,
Our dev team has created 5 pages with 2 forms (one on the page and one popup) that we’d like to integrate with our 5 Pipedrive accounts (1 page/PD account = 1 country). All these pages are hosted on the same Wordpress website.
It seems like the plugin we use, CF7 Pipedrive Integration, can only integrate with one PD account at a time (as it requires the API).
So I’m a bit blocked here, as I’m not part of the dev team but still in charge of the integration between the forms and our PD accounts. Has anyone ever met this kind of situation, and would have any idea of how to link everything?
Thank you for your help and have a great day,

You might find this wiki useful

Feel free to create a new topic if the issue still persists.