Create / Update Person with multiple emails or phone numbers

I haven’t been able to use the create or update person endpoints to assign multiple emails to a person. I’ve tried several different variations of the following, none of which worked:

  • [“one”,“two”]
  • [{“value”:“one”,“label”:“work”,“primary”:true},{“value”:“two”,“label”:“work”,“primary”:false}]
  • “one,two”

Someone else had the same issue in February 2018, but their solution did not work for me: Creating person with multiple emails / phones

The rest of the fields are working as expected, and adding a single email works fine (e.g. “one”), but there doesn’t seem to be a way that will allow me to add more than one.


For anyone else encountering this problem: The Pipedrive API collection in Postman uses content type “application/x-www-form-urlencoded” by default for the Update a Person and Add a Person endpoints. If you change the content type to “application/json” you should be able to update/add multiple emails and phone numbers.

Steps to update Postman collection for these calls:

  1. Deselect Content-Type application/x-www-form-urlencoded in the Headers page
  2. Select raw JSON for the Body
  3. Use the same format as received by GET request of a person. Example:
    {“email”:[{“label”:“work”,“value”:“one”,“primary”:true}, {“label”:“work”,“value”:“two”,“primary”:false}]}