Creating person with multiple emails / phones

I’m trying to create a Person with multiple phones & emails (using Python). According to the API doc, I use the same format as in the GET:
“name”: “my contact”,
“phone”: [{“value”:“1234”, “label”:“test”, “primary”:true},{“value”:“1235”, “label”:“test2”, “primary”:false}]
But my phone structure is interpreted as a string and the Person is returned as this:
“phone”: [
“label”: “”,
“value”: “[{\“value\”:\“1234\”,“label\”:\“test\”, \“primary\”:true},{\“value\”:\“1235\”,\“label\”:\“test2\”, \“primary\”:false}]”,
“primary”: true}

Any hint on how to make this work would be very appreciated. Thx,

I found my answer. The API documentation is not right. Postman collection seems more accurate.
You need to pass an array (not the dict of the same format as returned by get persons) :
phone: [‘one’, ‘two’] ,
email: [‘one’, ‘two’] ,
will work.