Custom UI App Settings Not Found from Live Private App

I have built an app settings page (essentially from here: Integrating with DocuSign using Custom UI Extensions) and it works fine on my developer account. I have made the app live, and it is private.

When I log into a different account (a non-developer account), and try to install the private app using the install link, it redirects me to the settings page but does not find anything there.

The URL it tries to access is this:

which looks functionally the same as it does to my developer account settings page. I have tried accessing the settings page in this way, straight off of the tutorial, without any of the stuff I did myself, and it still gets me this error: “Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 ()”

This is similar to this issue: Unable to open Settings for a live private app
but I couldn’t find a solution from there. Note that I can get a panel to show up just fine, it is just the settings that is broken.

Thanks for any help on this

Hi @yusufhacking,

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I’ve just checked with the relevant team, and it’s a bug on our side. They’ve raised it as an issue and are working on it.

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