How to get the total number of persons while filtering the results with "persons/find" route

What I’ve been trying is to get persons with the total number of persons, filtering the results with names.

I found this post, which shows that adding &get_summary=1 will add total_count in additional_data field.

However, this get_summary parameter doesn’t seem to be available for the /persons/find route, which allows you to filter persons by name.

For example…

This will give you 10 persons AND the total number of persons.


This will give you all the persons with “john” in its name, but get_summary=1 is disregarded. So, total_count isn’t attached to additional_data.

Is there any way to filter persons by name AND get the total number of persons?

Any advice will be appreciated.

Thanks for the feedback. At the moment, this is not possible. However, I have taken note of this and will forward to the concerned team.