Parameter to show total count of results

Is there a way to show the total count of registers from some request?

pagination: {
      start: 0,
      limit: 2,
      more_items_in_collection: true,
      next_start: 2
      total: 666,
      pages: 333

You could use


This should add a ‘summary’ block under ‘additional _data’

"additional_data": {
"summary": {
"values_total": {
"USD": {
"value": 12,
"count": 1,
"value_converted": 12,
"value_formatted": "$12",
"value_converted_formatted": "$12"
"weighted_values_total": {
"USD": {
"value": 12,
"count": 1,
"value_formatted": "$12"
"total_count": 1,
"total_currency_converted_value": 12,
"total_currency_converted_value_formatted": "$12"
"pagination": {
"start": 0,
"limit": 100,
"more_items_in_collection": false
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Thanks for the reply but it doesn’t help much. I was searching for some method to get the total count of registers to process.

Imagine that you have a user waiting something to get done… But you can’t show anything else than a hourglass because you don’t have anything to compare how much was processed and how much more are on the pipe.

Yeah, I missed the mark on that.
We also have separate endpoints dedicated to summary alone, would this be more helpful or more what you’re thinking?`

same query parameters as list can be used ala ‘filter_id=1’ to get summary about filter id = 1 deals

So you’re saying that I have no way to know what I need to know with the endpoint and so I need to use an undocumented endpoint with a session_token that I don’t have, right?!

There must be a way to do this without ask for username and password to the users that already give me the api token.

If the URL contains ‘api’ then you can use url with api tokens

Ok. So, how do I proceed to work with that URL?

I’m logged, so where do I get the session_token?

Disregarding the session_token, have you tried using instead and then adding the same parameters that are listed for!/Deals/get_deals

Or would that summary not give you the exact details you’re looking for still?

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Hi @David , Do you know how to make it work (get_summary) for the Notes endpoint or some alternative to get the total records in Notes?