Plans for supporting third-party app Workflow actions?

Hi, posting this to upvote any internal plans that you may have to extend Workflow actions such that Pipedrive users may be able to easily, in a no-code way, invoke actions on third party apps like you did / allowed for Trello, MS Teams and Slack.

This would make Pipedrive workflows much more useful than in current form and drive adoption of a feature that is likely designed to increase stickiness of the Pipedrive product.

I see end users asking us for it, end users struggling with integration-as-a-service platforms asking for it, and competitors of Pipedrive offering it.

Also, implementing this would probably benefit developers currently having to resort to over-using / over-triggering app Webhooks, and disuade developers from replicating workflow UIs in their own products.

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If there’s a beta or even an alpha of this we would love to try it and help you get the design right!




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Hi @sam
Welcome to the community :wave:
Some really good feedback points, and I am glad to say that the team has been looking into this for quite some time. :slight_smile:

Thanks for showing your interest. We will definitely have you in the list :100: