Workflow Automation + Webhooks

I share with you a need that maybe many here in the community have and that hasn’t been solved yet.

We work a lot with workflows and a need we have is that it was possible to trigger an event during the execution of a workflow. This is something that HubSpot already has (we already use HubSpot as a marketing tool) but Pipedrive doesn’t yet have.

Forcing me to hire third-party tools is not friendly at all, it’s bad.

My current need was that for certain events, such as changing the owners of a business, an event was sent to our system, where we would capture this data, but at the moment this is not possible.

But stay here and register and who knows, one day, Pipedrive will decide to implement something like that.

If there is a trial version for this, we would love to be able to test it.

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Hey @saulolago
I understand your situation. This is a feedback that has come up quite often. However, let’s get down to the brass tacks to see if we can do something about it already :slight_smile: ?

I assume you are referring to the Workflow Automation capability

If possible, can you share the relevant HubSpot page so that I can understand more about it?

Good morning,

So what’s our main problem.

There are two events that should be in Pipedrive but don’t. First one is when the deal is given a WON and the other one is when a deal is given a lost deal. Pipedrive Webhooks doesn’t work for these two reasons. The solution would be to create an automation flow so that, when the lead gained, the information would be sent to our endpoint. That information would be something exclusive to gain.

This is just one of the situations we have. Because we are working hard here on the construction of our data lake. And also in integrations between other tools, such as, for example, all leads won, send to Chartmogul. Currently, to do this I need to create an integration manually, generating cost for our company.

An example of how it works today on HubSpot:

For any workflow, I can fire a webhook event to any URL, making our job easier here.

Thanks for sharing the details @saulolago! Appreciate it very much

You should be able to get the webhook events when a deal is marked won / lost. Here is a comparison of current vs previous data that is present in the webhook event payload.

However if you are talking about lead, I agree that there is no way to subscribe to events on lead : (

Are you looking for a way to track events on leads?

@Hem be the hero we need :smiley: give us a “Trigger Webhook” action in workflow automation so we can take advantage of the built-in condition filters.

There are 3 ways you can do this @saulolago

  1. Use the standard webhook, POST to that url you screenshotted. The payload will have the deal status current & previous pair of that deal as @Hem explained. Create a filter so that hooks only pass if they are not equal. Then you can handle changes to WON and LOST however you want.

  2. You can retrofit workflow automation and its conditions to send a “mailhook” which is just an email then you can listen for that email on your server and parse text for a deal ID that you include and what changed based on your conditions setup in the workflow.

  3. You can do the same thing as #2, but with the Slack action to send a “Slackhook” to a channel and parse the text.

Also, you handle all of those options super easy on Pricing & Subscription Packages | Make depending on how many deals your team manages, it’ll either be free or $9.

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Good morning people.

I understand all the points mentioned here but let’s go by parts.

Do you understand who, of all the solutions that you commented here, I will always need a developer? This is neither practical nor intuitive.

As @bobby mentioned here, you could use external tools for these integrations. Here we have already used the Integromat tool (Currently called Make). Do you know why it is not feasible for me to use it?

For me to fetch events that are only won or lost, I need to let the tool receive all updates from the pipedrive. This makes the $9 cost of integromat not enough, as my base is 76,000 deals, yes we have a lot of deals. The most practical solution, either through Webhooks, or through automation flow, was to have specific triggers for won or lost.

We must start with a simple solution and not the one that generates greater cost and demand for companies. Because if we stop to think that I need to hire an external developer or tool, it might be cheaper to switch from Pipedrive to HubSpot.
Where HubSpot has what I need and Pipedrive doesn’t

Hey @bobby
Thanks for sharing the possible solutions. It’s quite comprehensive and takes multiple aspects into consideration. :slight_smile:

Hi @saulolago
I fully agree with you that it’s neither intuitive nor easy to achieve that outcome through no-code means. However, given the scale of integration, using developer skills to bridge that gap would be a realistic solution for now.

Nevertheless, this is a major feedback item that we have in the pipeline in terms of making workflow automation a versatile solution.

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+1 to needing ability to fire a webhook/post to external service as an action for any workflow automation. If you aren’t careful, using zapier you will end up with circular automations for use cases like “when deal updated, change some field” because when updating that field you’ll just get another deal updated trigger. If we had webhooks in workflow automations, you could use the pipedrive build in “when X field changed” and then call your external service to make one change to some other parameter of the deal/contact/etc…

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Thanks for sharing @jk388! This is clear feedback highlighting a practical problem. Will pass it on to the concerned team :slight_smile:

Have you looked at something like hookdeck to filter your webhooks.

I’m currently investigating and haven’t implemented but I’m looking to filter my deal updates by just 4-5 events before sending them to make.

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