Reduce API Custom Fields

I am a bit new to working with API’s but wanted to see if there was a way to reduce the amount of data when I pull. I am currently trying to pull deals from a select custom filter and while I can pull the data it is giving me about 1500 custom fields with each deal where I only need about 9. Also because of the amount of data, the tool I am using to convert it to a spreadsheet times out. Any help/advice I can get would be appreciated!

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Hey @Alexander_Thurby
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Would field selectors be useful in this scenario? Pipedrive REST API: Field Selectors

This worked perfect thank you! However my issue now seems to be that I do not know how to work pagination to increase the amount of deals I can see. My filter should have 1800 deals but I was told the PD will only let me pull 500 at a time.

Hey @Alexander_Thurby,

This is true. But you can retrieve content page by page via start and limit parameters :slight_smile: I have jotted down the approach in this wiki

Thank you!
Sorry I am still trying to learn the API stuff. How would I pull say the next set from a url pull? would I add next_start at the end?

You are right @Alexander_Thurby. It acts as a pointer and you can get the records incrementally through that :slight_smile: