Send email to users via API on creating deal


at our company we switched from using the Pipedrive webform to a custom implementation using the API. With the webform it is possible to add automated emails on creation of a new deal. Is this in some way also possible via the API?

In short, I would like to trigger an email after/when creating a deal in Pipedrive via the API.

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Hi @Sebastian_Kirchner,

Unfortunately, it’s possible to do this strictly via API, but I would recommend instead to incorporate Webhooks for when Deals are added and then setup automation from your end to send out the emails you need.

Thanks for the quick answer. Checked it out, as far as I understood it, webhooks are very generic, meaning I can not set up a webhook only for adding certain deals, is that right?

Sending an email to sales when sales manually adds a new deal seems a bit overkill :slight_smile:

In that case I will have to see about triggering that email from my end upon form submission.

Yes, you’re correct, they’re generic so can specify the webhooks for only certain deals, but you could filter out the results on your end for what the next step would be.

There was a discussion in this thread about it that might help you.