Telephony connection via API

Hello! My name is Evgeniy. We have previously used a different system to process clients. Now, due to the war in Ukraine, we are in Kyiv - we decided to change the system and chose Pipedrive.
Can you please tell me how to integrate telephony into the system via API? Can anyone help me with this? Sorry for my English, I’m using a translator.

I have all the data from my personal telephony account, server and key. Help me please.

Hey @lavrenov_ea
Welcome to the community :wave: :slight_smile: Glad that you chose Pipedrive. We have a tutorial covering Twilio and Pipedrive integration here

This should be a great starting point. However, we have some great recent additions which would be of really good use as well.

Check out the Custom UI extensions - Custom UI extensions (BETA)

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