Webhook: change products in deal

Is it possible to add an additional type of webhook that will send the updated content of the products in the deal. I need to set up the transfer of information about products added to a deal to my system and I would not like to regularly poll the API endpoint GET /v1/deals/{id}/products

there is no information about the product change in the webhook. v1 has information about changing products_count and value, but what to do if the changed product is similar to the one with the price?. v2 does not come at all. how to get the webhook that the products have changed to poll GET deals/{id}/products only when really needed?

In my specific case, the client can be given a personal discount (change the price of the product in the deal without editing the product itself), or provide an alternative option (replace the product). So far, I’ve solved the API limit issue by creating a separate application with oAuth to retrieve information about the products in the deal when needed. This temporarily provides a sufficient number of requests in 2s. But I would still like to be able to set a webhook with the products.deal event


I would also love to see a webhook event for changes to deal products!

For example, with the v1 webhooks, if you change the number of products or the price of products attached to a deal, that will trigger an update on the deal.

But, if you just change the underlying product that is linked to a deal, without changing the quantity or price, no change is emitted for that deal, so there’s no way to pick up that change automatically.

This is a big issue for us, where I am syncing data out of Pipedrive and into another system we use to create invoices. I need to know if a different product is linked to in a change, because that different product could have different custom fields set on it that affect our invoicing system, and it’d be nice to still allow our team to edit products within Pipedrive.

With the current system, if we need to link to a different product without changing quantity or price, we would have to deactivate the products, save that change, then reactivate the products if we want to work entirely within Pipedrive.

Hi @jketcham
Welcome to the community :wave: Thanks for adding the necessary details. Were you able to notice a different in behavior when you subscribe to product event changes in the V2 Webhooks as opposed to V1?

We have exactly the same issue here as @jketcham. For quotes, accounting, and invoicing use cases, we need to be able to react to changes in deal’s products. Up to changes in the product descriptions (example: a change in the product’s description should trigger re-creation of the respective quote or invoice)

As of now, v1 webhooks trigger an update in case at least the overall deal value changes. However, that is far from sufficient for us. v2 webhooks are even worse as they are not triggered at all when we change a deal’s products.

This is somewhat of a deal breaker for us as we want to be able to rely on webhooks and avoid re-polling deals all the time just in case something might have changed.

I can confirm v2 webhooks behave differently, but in a bad way! They do not trigger at all if a deal’s products are changed. v1 webhooks at least trigger when the overall deal value changes. However, they should trigger every single time the deal’s products are changed.

To add one detail: Changing even slight details in a deal’s products will be recognized in Pipedrive API’s data structures.

If I change a deal’s product description, no v1 and no v2 webhook will fire. However, requesting the deal via the API, the update_time field in the deal’s JSON will be updated and will reflect the change. Thus, the deal has changed in the most literal sense. Not getting a webhook though makes webhooks unreliable, I would argue.

I also just tried working around in the hope that an automation might be triggered by a deal product description change. That way I could have exploited the automation to trigger a deal update that would hence trigger the webhooks. Unfortunately, automations’ “Deal updated” triggers are neither triggered for deal product changes… :pensive: