Random Internal Server Error (500) on GET deals/id/products


I’m facing an issue that occurs randomly on deals/id/products endpoint. Randomly because the id of the deal I try to get is always a different one.
The last two endpoints that returned the error:

the only information I get from the response is
Response': '{"success":false,"errorCode":500,"error_info":"Please check developers.pipedrive.com"}

I first suspected a quota limit reached but the error should be of 429, and I should have a header with information about it. The only Headers I get from the server are:

" Connection" 
" CF-Cache-Status" 
"Access- Control-Expose- Headers" 
" badi" 
"X- Content-Type- Options" 
"x -correlation-id" 
"X-XSS Protection" 
" Cache- Control" 
" Content-Type" 
"Set- Cookie" 

So nothing apparently related to a quota limit.

I’m making an echo to this topic: Occational HTTP status 500 API response

As it appears to be a problem very similar to mine, but no answer has been given since a month.

Can someone help with this ? Thanks !

Welcome to the community @ClicDataConnector :slight_smile:
Can you share the x-correlation-id values for requests that fail? Perhaps from your log? Let me check the behaviour and get back


Sorry for the delay.

Here is the last correlation id in which we got the same issue:
x-correlation-id: "3352945c-7925-4f1e-b069-01511fd628a0"

Thanks for your help


Do you have any news to provide me, with the above correlation id ? Do you need any other information to be able to determine the cause of it ?

Still struggling with this strange behavior, I need at least some clue
Thanks for your help!

Hey @ClicDataConnector
Thanks for being patient. I am checking with the concerned team regarding the behavior. Will definitely share some information shortly :slight_smile:


Do you have any news on this issue ?


Hey @ClicDataConnector
I have DM’d you a few days back regarding account details. Can you share them privately?

Hello @Hem,

looks like I have a similar problem when merging deals via deals/{id}/merge. The x-correlation-id header is 8cbb1103-7f83-487e-bb7b-3d5dc07d67ad. Can someone help me? :pray:

Hey @severinsimmler
Thanks for sharing the details. As you and @ClicDataConnector have rightly pointed out, these are errors that sporadically appear in the API. As a first step, I would recommend having a retry mechanism in place to reduce the impact of these errors.

Can you also share the frequency of these errors - how often do you see them in a given timewindow (say 1hr) ?

I am also following this with the engineering team to avoid from our side.